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An excellent professional tool for digitizing graphics for computer embroidery and more…

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DRAWings® is the first embroidery software, which has been fully integrated with graphic design software.
The program allows you to create your own designs from scratch with much greater ease, transform and edit shapes, add text, all in 3D design mode.
It allows you to create stunning designs using crystals / cubic zirconia, which can be easily combined with embroidery or printing on textiles.
Now, each design can contain your embroidery pattern. Filling an array simplifies the way, how to fill surfaces of any shape with your own motif.
New automatic monogram tool complete with hundreds of decorative frames (Bordery, Rogi, Sides) will give everything, what you need to create monogram designs.
You can now use the software to create and cut application designs or any other material, by connecting them directly to the most popular plotters on the market.

DRAWings® PRO XI comes with the new version of Wings' modular® 6 and is compatible with Windows® 10.
It is also compatible with all vector-based graphics programs by copying / pasting.

New Features:

Dark mode for mac OS
The software supports the dark mode that has been introduced in the latest Mac OS. The program will automatically adjust to the current topic.

Convert graphics to redwork
With one click you can now convert any graphic to redwork style (projects, which are red stitches on white fabric). Creates light embroidery patterns, keeping only their contours. Redwork projects are a trendy way to create simple ones, minimalist designs, beautiful and modern.

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Convert any photo into a beautiful PaintStitch masterpiece

Any photo can now become a beautiful embroidery design.
Thanks to PaintStitch you will get photorealistic embroidery results with the use of advanced, patented algorithms, which have been implemented in the application. PaintStitch designs are perfect for frames, gifts and to capture special moments.

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Designs with curved stitching
You can now add curve directions on objects filled with degrees, to give them a wavy look. Just follow the normal straight direction and drag it from the center, to get the curve. The stitches then automatically follow the curvature of the direction.

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Automatic creation of flower themes
This is a revolutionary new feature, which dynamically creates floral patterns and fills in the areas for application in projects.
You can combine this feature with your own designs, and even set up your own flower designs, which will be used by the flower arrangement.
The combinations are endless.

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Gradient fills with mixed thread colors.
Thanks to the new gradient fill feature, it is now possible to blend colors.
By combining two or more overlapping shapes with a gradient fill, you can get beautiful, interpenetrating color effects, that completely change the look and feel of the project.
You can control the percentage of the gradient and change its direction easily.

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Spiral in closed shapes
Objects filled with piping stitch can be easily converted to spiral filled objects.
You only need to indicate the direction or center of the project, and the spiral is ready. You can even apply styles to spiral stitches for unique embroidery results.

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System requirements (minimal):
Processor: 2,0 GHz Intel lub AMD
Memory: 4 GB of RAM
HDD: 1,5 GB of free space
DVD-ROM: for installation only
Graphics card: 3D DirectX 9c with at least 1 GB RAM, 32-bit color
Monitor with resolution: 1366 x 768 32bpp
Operating system: Windows 7, 8 or 10 with the latest patches
MacOS latest or previous not older than the release date of this software
Ports: port USB 2.0 or higher for the security key (if there is one)
Internet access required.

The contents of the box:
The DRAWings PRO XI Embroidery software suite is a complete graphic design software, quilting, cutting out, crystal design / rhinestones, multi-embellishment of fabrics / printing and embroidery. It contains all the software needed to work. Now it is possible to design starting from creating a graphic design, and ending with the finished project.

Main applications:
Installation DVD of DRAWings® Pro XI software (Windows and MAC OS)
Security key, enables the launch of the DRAWings Pro XI software.
Wings ‘modular® 6 – Basic modules, „Text” i „Editing” – installation DVD (ONLY for the Windows operating system)
Wings' modular is a professional embroidery software, which consists of 14 modules. Each module has different functions, so that you can decide more easily, which modules are actually needed. W DRAWings Pro XI, are included: Wings modules 6 – „Basic”, „Text” i „Editing”.
The media contains over 3000 embroidery patterns and 205 perfect clipart ready to embroider

DRAWings® PRO XI and Wings' modular® installation instructions 6 and a quick start guide
Online help DRAWings® Pro XI
DRAWings® Pro XI Print Manual in PDF format, including the quick reference card!
Wings modular® Online Help
Printable Wings modular® manuals in PDF format, including the quick reference card!